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Golden Rod Puppets

Migration Promo

A sampler from my newest show Migration, the story of Beatriz, a girl from Mexico whose journey follows the migration of the monarch butterfly. She finds her home in the world through the stories of animals who must migrate to survive.


Here is a video I shot showing the metamorphosis of a monarch butterfly.

Turtle Island Tales: Antelope Carrier and the Thunderbirds

Turtle Island Tales is a puppet production by Hobey Ford from 20 years ago. It is a shadow show of Native American stories. The shadow puppets are performed within projected scenes of artwork. The proction was funded by The Jim Henson Foundation and won puppetry's highest honor, a UNIMA Citation of Excellence. It has been performed all over North America including, The Kennedy Center, The Jim Henson International Puppetry Festival, The Detroit Institute of the Arts and The Smithsonian Museum. Contact for booking information.

Bil Baird shadow puppets

Steven Widerman shows Hobey Ford shadow puppets of Bil Baird's which were inspired by Richard Bradshaw.

Ichabod Crane universal head control for rod puppet

Here is my modification on a universal head control for a rod puppet. The control allows for up and down, side-to-side and diagonal twisting of the head or cocking the head. The control can be clicked into a holder which then transfers the side to side and up and down movement to a foot pedal. This was necessary to keep multiple characters alive in a scene. Click on drawing to enlarge then click on the multi arrow icon in that window to get the photo to enlarge a lot further where you can scroll around the photo to see details.

Click the images below for bigger versions:

miniature rod puppet leg detail

Here is a drawing of a leg control for my miniature rod puppets shown in video and photo gallery

El Coqui

El Coqui the frog is a legendary Puerto Rican folk character. Here is the El Coqui story set in shadow puppetry. The idea was given to me in the form of a shadow puppet after a workshop I gave in San Juan Puerto Rico several year ago. A teacher gave me the puppet he had made and told me about El Coqui and suggested that I tell the story. I got musical help from Ronnie Delerme who performedl soundtrack in several tracks. My hope is to put a Spanish version soon.

Advanced Shadow puppets video clip

A video illustration of a mouth mechanism on a profesional shadow puppet


This is part one of an advanced shahow puppet technique that I used in Rainbow Bridge and other tales. It is not intended for use by beginner puppeteers. Let me know how you like it and if its unclear as it is a work in progress.

Shadow puppets from "Rainbow Bridge" (technical photos coming soon)

My newest show "The Rainbow Brigdge and Other Tales" features shadow puppets that I've created uoing some cool new technology. The material that I'm using is high density poly-ethylene sheeting with black matte finish. It is a plastic sheeting cut-able with scissors and paper punches. The thickness is similar to poster board. I am using heavy music wire for rods with dowell handles and a trigger for the mouth of the puppet.

Click the images below for bigger versions: