Getting Back Souvenirs – Tips And Tricks For Finding Them ?>

Getting Back Souvenirs – Tips And Tricks For Finding Them

When you travel to the UK or its commonwealth member country, Australia, you want to bring back something to help you remember the pleasant times that you’ve had there. It’s a beautiful place full of history, and you’ll certainly find something to bring back as souvenirs.


Staying in your hotel won’t offer you the possibility to see what the city has, so it’s better to go downtown and start browsing the stores. You’ll find souvenirs that are fit for supporters of different teams, aboriginal souvenirs or hand-made souvenirs.


For people who love lotions and creams, papaw ointment is an excellent choice. It is made from pure Australian papaws, and it’s recommended for rashes and chafing, minor burns, insect bites, splinters or you can use it as a lip balm. It’s a great remedy if you have chapped lips. This ointment is made by Lucas, a local company that delivers its products at most pharmacies throughout Australia. It’s not just a small gift, but it’s also something that will help in times of need.

Tea – Great in Australia or the UK

For tea lovers, the company called T2 can provide you with anything that you want. They are one of the national tea producers, and they sell more than 200 types of tea. You’ll find bagged or loose leaf, apart from the cute and quirky tea ware that can complete your afternoon tea breaks. Every year they bring out something new on the market, so if you want to get back something good, a bag of tea is perfect.

Special Chocolate

The Tim Tam is a famous chocolate biscuit that’s always a treat. You’ll find a range of flavors that vary from dark mint to white chocolate, but they’re great both as a souvenir and as a gift. This chocolate can be found almost everywhere in stores, but it’s only produced locally.

Natural Products

You’ll find in several stores plant-based natural products for the home, which are made from organic ingredients that you can find only in Australia. The company that produces these is called Bondi Wash, and with just one sprit of hand wash or mist spray, you’ll have the scent of Tasmanian pepper and lavender transport you back to Australia.

A Spiral Pot Stand

You’ll find aboriginal pieces in specialized stores, like the spiral pot stand. These items are made of two different parts that intertwine in a spiral. They’re ornamental and useful, and if you get these for a friend, the gift would be great.

Other Things

If you want something else, you could go and take the recipes of local foods or you could go and bring back CDs with music. It’s an excellent choice for anyone who’s not into creams or other personal items. You could even bring back a GBP chip from a casino while in England on holiday.

In the end, you should get the things that represent an attraction for you, while for your friends you should bring back something that pleases them in Australia or the UK at one of the thousands of betting shops that litter street corners everywhere.

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